HLR Announces Signing of India Doom Merchants Shepherd!

shepherd stereo riff
Helmet Lady Records is damn ecstatic to announce the signing of crushing, India-based doom band, Shepherd. Our small family has grown quickly in 2015 and Shepherd serves as an important cornerstone in the development of the label as a nirvana of beautifully heavy music on vinyl.
Such big plans we have for these tunes!!
First off, Demonstration 2 is set to be released this Summer as #1 in the new HLR Ruination series as a newly mastered uber-limited, hot mixed, custom colored vinyl limited to only 111 copies featuring artwork by the band and four raw, powerful tracks that set the doom meter aflame. No phasers remained set on “stun” for this one, I can assure you!
Hit Invisible Oranges for an exclusive stream, today!

Next, HLR will delve into the amazing full length debut album, Stereolithic Riffalocalypse, which is scheduled to be released very late Summer or early fall with limited, boutique versions available including a die hard that includes a custom, deluxe art print and a unique band only custom version. 
Bludgeoning, menacing and brash, the album is a bold production that delivers the heavy in a huge way, and will leave you begging for more!
Both releases will be available on vinyl and digitally at www.helmetladyrecords,com 

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