HLR Debut Release imminent!

We are proud to announce that we are on schedule to ship our debut limited vinyl release on RSD April 18th, 2015.

Pre-orders begin Saturday February 14th in our store for the test press, die hard and regular versions of the album.

This is a limited vinyl release with only 30 test presses, 40 red/opaque die hards and 450 red versions for sale worldwide. Diehard versions will also include a deluxe art print, which will become the very first in our Helmet Lady art series.

Both the test presses and die hard versions will be hand numbered.

Hawkeyes is an amazingly heavy, atmospheric stoner/doom six piece from Ontario Canada that will blow your mind with crushing, monolithic riffs and dark, beckoning psych grooves. Posion Slows You Down is a mindbending ride of icy doom and madness.

Hawkeyes- Poison Slows You Down

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